Drug Testing Access System
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Physicians Health Center has served hundreds of companies since the inception of DOT drug testing. Our Medical Review Officers and staff are highly trained in DOT analyzing and reporting procedures. All regulations are followed to the letter to insure proper reviews of negative and positive results.

We currently offer:

  • MRO's who are practicing Medical Doctors
  • MRO's certified by the Federal Aviation Administration
  • MRO's that follow all State and Federal guidelines prior to reporting positive or negative results
  • Reporting results only to Authorized Personnel
  • Faxing & Emailing only to secured machines
  • Mailing of results in envelopes marked "Confidential"
  • Reporting of all positive results to the contact person at the company.
  • Referrals to substance abuse professionals
  • A comprehensive DOT/FAA/FMCSA follow-up testing program